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Turn your vision for a sustainable and unique space into reality with Craftertech Solutions' shipping container building design services!


In recent times shipping container based architecture is getting popular in the field of construction. Not only for the site offices, containers are nowadays getting used for construction of modular Cafes, Restaurants, Houses, Medical units, etc. These constructions are easy to fabricate and install at the site as well as cost effective.

We at Craftertech Solutions have dedicated experts to design your Shipping Container based construction as per your utility and needs. Few of our projects on this kind of solution are mentioned below.

Ready to unlock the potential of shipping containers for your project? Contactus today for a free consultation!

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Unleash the Creativity of Shipping Containers with Our Design Services

container cafe craftertech.jpg

We offer comprehensive design solutions for various projects using repurposed shipping containers, including

•    Homes: Create a one-of-a-kind and eco-friendly residence.
•    Offices: Design modern and innovative workspaces.
•    Retail spaces: Build eye-catching and functional shops and restaurants.
•    Studios and workshops: Craft flexible and inspiring creative spaces.
•    And more! The possibilities are endless.

Our design process includes

•    Initial consultation: Discuss your project goals, budget, and desired aesthetics.
•    Conceptual design: Develop initial design ideas and floor plans based on your vision.
•    3D modeling and rendering: Visualize your project in stunning detail and make informed decisions.
•    Construction drawings and specifications: Ensure seamless construction with detailed plans and specifications.
•    Permitting assistance: Navigate the process of obtaining necessary permits for your project.

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Why Choose Craftertech Solutions?

Creativity You Will Love



Experienced team

We have a team of architects and designers passionate about creating sustainable and innovative structures.


Customizable designs

We create unique and personalized designs to suit your specific needs.


Cost-effective solutions

Repurposed shipping containers offer affordable and sustainable building options.


Turnkey services

We can manage the entire design process, from concept to construction.

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Apart from the above mentioned services we also provide the following specialized designing packaged services.

Methods and Technologies as Services


3D Modelling and Visualization

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Some of Our Projects Delivered




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