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Get the total  Designing of Light Gauge Steel Frame Structure done from India's best Engineering designing cum Structural Designing Consultancy - specialist in Pre-Engineered Buildings


Tired of traditional construction limitations?
Embrace the future with Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) design services from Craftertech Solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, empowering you to build sustainable, cost-effective, and high-performance structures.

WHAT IS LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Frame)?
Other abbreviations: Light Gauge Steel (LGS) / Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS)

In the last decade, construction using light gauge steel, has become increasingly popular. Developed countries such as the USA, Australia, NZ, Canada, and the United Kingdom had already accepted this concept. This concept has also become popular in developing countries lately. Let’s understand what makes LGSF so unique.

In a light steel framework, the design is prepared and the structure is constructed off-site. Then assembling is done on-site for walls, bricks, and roof. The steel used is cold-formed (CFS) in this method. No heat is used. This produces a lightweight and high tensile strength steel sheets.

Craftertech Solutions' LGSF designing team provide an ample range of services that includes Design, Detailing, development, Management, and Interior solutions. The highlight of Craftertech Solutions' LGSF designing team is its affirmation with building norms and aesthetic finish to both the interiors and exteriors of the building. LGSF is an absolute design system for an array of structures.


Wall panels – load bearing and non load bearing

Wall panel structures are made of Cold Formed Steel (CFS). These can be Galvanized or Color Coated. Depending on your environmental conditions, a variety of materials can be used with wall panels in an LGSF structure. A few of them are listed below.

  • Reinforced concrete panels

  • Gypsum boards

  • Metal Insulated Panel

  • Fiber Cement Sheet or Cement Particle Board


Wall connectors

Steel bolts, washers, nuts are used as connectors to hold the structure in place. It is used to connect the steel structure to the concrete foundation or to make  steel to steel connections. All the frames come with pre-drilled holes for attaching fasteners.


Exterior cladding

Polystyrene, fiber glass mesh and a layer of weatherproof base coat act as an external wall cladding. This provides a ready to paint surface.


Internal cladding

Gypsum board is usually used to cover the interiors of the building and also for ceiling cladding.


Internal cladding

Basalt (Rockwool), glasswool or polystyrene foam concrete slabs are usually used as insulation material. The properties of these materials make them excellent heat insulators, sound absorbers and resistant to fire. In addition these materials are highly resistant to moisture absorption.


Foundation for an LGSF building

Buildings using LGSF structure do not need a complex deep foundation. Since light gauge steel frame buildings are characterized by light weight, they can be easily erected on Strip or Shallow foundation. In the case of non uniform ground, LGSF buildings can be erected on pile foundation.




Flexible Structure

LGSF is first manufactured from Cold Formed Steel (CFS) and then clad with dry sheeting on either side to form a load-bearing wall. Construction with steel follows the platform frame system of the house building. It is able to contour itself to any form and is able to clad and be insulated with an extensive array of materials.

It is easy to amend or alter this construction at any point. There is a great range of systems and products catering to this type of construction.

Every configuration that is constructed is backed by absolute design and scrutiny. All seismic, wind loads, dead loads and live loads are taken into account while designing.

  1. Absolute design is as per International and Indian standards.

  2.  Full back up of all drawings, counting, assembly, and erection.

  3. These structures are completely elastic and can be modified as per design.

Time Saver

Forget about house construction which takes 4-6 months. Construction of a house within 15 days is achievable with this new system. Certainly, this impacts the industry and pricing. LGSF Buildings are 100% tailor-made, aesthetic, sturdy and eco-friendly with intrinsic durability.

This state of art expertise results in quicker manufacturing and erection of buildings. It uses the mainstay force of high tensile steel, light gauge steel frame system allows for numerous applications in the commercial and residential sectors.

Growing Acceptance

Lately, LGSF’s low cost, potency, stability, design flexibility, adaptability, and recyclable nature make it all the more wanted and acceptable in the market for a mounting number of construction-related businesses. This new concept is being used in airport terminals, retail malls, metro stations, even residential houses.


LGSF constructions are tremendously accurate. Light Steel Frames permit a high degree of accuracy of building dimensions.  As LGSF is computer designed and rolled, the permissible tolerances are microscopic which ensures a wonderful building every time.

Hence, LGSF buildings are accurate and fast. LGSF can be categorized as a well-known construction technology based on relevant development and technology, mechanization of production progressions and high accuracy equipment facilitate fabrication of frame shape with up to 1 mm accuracy.

A merger of greater quality boosted energy and design elasticity, LGSF proves to be exceedingly accurate, indeed making it an enviable construction technology.

No Delays Due To Weather

LGSF has no drying out period in wet weather which results in no delays. This makes construction work faster. There are no chances of delay due to a labour shortage or shortage of material.

Green Construction

Light gauge steel framework is environment-friendly construction in the following ways:

It takes 68% less energy in building light gauge steel houses.

There is a reduction in waste due to the accuracy of LGSF as the framework is very accurate and prepared in advance.

  1. LGSF waste is 100% recyclable.

  2. LGSF method can use 25% of recycled steel in construction. You can use 8-9-year-old recycled steel in construction.

Protection From Natural Calamities

Light steel houses are light weighted and one of the biggest advantages using steel frame construction is protection against natural calamities such as an earthquake. Steel construction is non-flammable so it reduces loss due to fire.


Steel is costly in beginning, but it gives lasting benefits. Steel prices are steady. There is no fear of insects. You can make modifications to your house later at a lower cost. LGSF is the long term investment for your house.



We have well adapted technical experience to design varieties of steel structures using LGSF. We have our team that also can provide quick outputs with detailing of such structures and foundations.

Strong technical expertise

We have developed a strong expertise not only in the sector of steel structure designing, also for wall panel detailing, door window frame detailing, civil foundation, and other MEP solutions.

Bundling of total solutions

We provide our clients one stop solution for every kind of designing needs. Even with structural drawing we can provide our clients 3D visualization and experience so that our clients can understand design well.

Unique and simple solutions for unique problems

We are known for providing unique and simple solutions for any kind of complex problems or requirements the clients bring to us. From G to G+6 we have implemented a distinguishable design approach every time  we faced any challenges. 

Best practices 

In our design studio our designers and engineers maintain strict 'code of conducts' as per the country specific design standard. We also ensure to check different kind of loads before handing over our design to the clients so that we along with our client get assurance of structural safety of the building.  


Our designs are optimized for material efficiency and construction speed, saving you time and money on your project.


Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies

We collaborate with you from the outset, analyzing your project goals, site conditions, and budget to determine the optimal use of LGSF technology.


Detailed Engineering & Drawing Development

Our experienced engineers translate your vision into precise, code-compliant drawings, ensuring structural integrity and optimal material usage.


Structural Analysis & Load Calculations

We perform rigorous load calculations and analysis to ensure your LGSF structure can withstand all anticipated forces, including wind, snow, seismic activity, and live loads.


Connection Design & Shop Drawings

We provide detailed connection details and shop drawings for efficient fabrication and assembly on-site.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration

We utilize BIM software to create a digital model of your structure, facilitating collaboration, clash detection, and cost estimation.


Performance Optimization

We analyze your design for thermal efficiency, energy performance, and fire resistance, ensuring your structure meets all necessary standards.

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Apart from the above mentioned services we also provide the following specialized designing packaged services.

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3D Modelling and Visualization

Building Information Modelling (BIM)



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