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Coffee shops and restaurants made from shipping containers are very new concept and it is easy to fabricate and set up on the site. We at Craftertech Solutions design this kind of modular solutions for businesses. 


In recent times shipping container based architecture is getting popular in the field of construction. Not only for the site offices, containers are nowadays getting used for construction of modular Cafes, Restaurants, Houses, medical units, etc. These constructions are easy to fabricate and install at the site as well as cost effective.

We at Craftertech Solutions have dedicated experts to design your Shipping Container based construction as per your utility and needs. Few of our projects on this kind of solution are mentioned below.


Shipping Container Cafe Design

We are offering various Container Cafe Designs to our clients.

  • Mobility: is one of the most obvious benefits of shipping container coffee and restaurant spaces. This provides flexibility not only with location, but also for seasons, events, and so on.

  • Security: Sea containers are very robust and will guarantee the safety of the supplies and equipment you store in the shop.

  • Flexibility: When business picks up, it's easy to scale up when using a shipping container as all you need to do is add another.


Shipping Container Home / Building

Shipping container homes and structures are increasingly becoming a thing in our generation thanks to the strength, durability, affordability and sustainability of the recyclable materials. They are almost readily available around the world and even cheaper near the ports. As people continue to venture into this new way of building, we have started providing total design consultation in building these homes / buildings.


MEDIBLOCK: Rapid ICU ward construction solution

At the time of corona pandemic (2022 - onwards) in many countries quarantine hospital beds were falling shorter than the requirement. We needed new ICU facilities to be constructed rapidly for fastest implementation. In this situation to help the world, Craftertech Solutions came up with rapid construction designing idea that is powered by pre-fabricated, modular construction methodology. The design is non-profitable and open source so that anyone can modify, adjust, scale it up as per need. So we present you ‘MediBlock’ ICU modules.
Built from 20 foot shipping containers, these can be connected together with aluminum/steel structures and EPS wall panel connectors will work like connecting corridors for HCW (healthcare workers). One ‘MediBlock’ can accommodate two patients. Inside every unit all needed medical equipments are available as per World Health Organization and National Center for Disease Control (India) guidelines especially for COVID-19 isolation facility. MediBlocks are built as per NBC and IBC.
As the connecting structures are made of easily available materials, sourcing the construction Materials are also easy and can be collected from warehouses around. 

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