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Crafter Solutions provides detailed Architectural and Engineering Design services all-inclusive of specialized fields required to successfully Design and Construct any type of buildings.


The mood of the any film, drama, game, video sequence is often set by the audio. By improving the audio, the impact of the scene can also be dramatically improved. Here at Crafter Solutions Audio and Sound Designing Lab we are coming together with talented, like-minded people who share a variety of skill sets that contribute to cutting edge media creations. Here work is not only work, but is fun, interactive, and a melting pot for good ideas.

Our main services:

  • From conception to integration, we created unique and appropriate interactive audio environment for Video Games and Computer games. These audio types includes: SFX, background sound and score, music loops,realistic sounds etc.

  • For Theaters, Stage Dramas, Films, Commercials, TV programs  we can create background score designing and Digital Sound Special Effects with latest and most advance software technologies available. We also have music composition skills and a network of qualified musicians that allow us to produce high quality music in a short period.

Our other service includes:

• Special effects sound editing
• Sound “sweetening”
• Stereo & 5.1 surround mixing
• Recording
• Dialogue clean ups
• Original Loops
• Audio Mixing

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