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Today when the human being is trying to set up a new civilization in a new planet, it is very important that our develpoment should not hamper the existance of our future generation. That is what exactly the word "Sustainability" means. Now while you are constructing a building, you must be very sure that you are not overdrawing the natural resources, not putting the fate of your future generation at stake. Standing at this point, you need a "Green Building Designer" to design your dream home in such a way, that it would not be a reason of hate for your children or grand-children against you.
Craftertech Solutions, is providing you a world class facility and team to help you in a green building design. 


Our Team:

Our team consist of experience consultants and designers, helping clients in building green spaces for almost last 8 years. We have "Accredited Professional" by Indian Green Building Council in our team, also some "Green Associate" by LEED who are actively inspiring a generation to take green measures while designing. Some talented and dedicated "Material Expert", who can help you to choose the correct material for your building elements.

What we can offer:


Craftertech Solutions can offer you a vast exposure and options of "Green Design" for your building. 

  1.  Water conservation techniques and baseline parameters.

  2. Energy conservation options.

  3. Natural Daylighting in your space. 

  4. Careful selection of the wall, door, window, glass materials to get optimum efficiency (As conforms to BEE-ECBC Guidelines.

  5. Construction worker wellbeing during the construction stage.

  6. Fresh indoor air quality inside your space.

  7. Rain water harvesting and reusing measures.

  8. Vast options of Landscape design and selection of efficient vegetation.

  9. Total Building Simulation by advanced software to get optimum efficiency.

  10. Help you to get the suitable certification of your space by Indian Green Building Council.


Your small steps can be effective:

Always it is not necessary to start construction of a building to get help from us in this segment. We can tell how you can increase the efficiency of your space only by taking small steps and changes.


We offer:

1. How you can change your Residential Home to a Green Home by some small steps.
2. How you can make your office space "Green" and efficient by some small changes.
3. How you can convert your commercial space to "Green" by little measures.
4. How you can change your Factory or industrial space to a "Green Space".

For all these options, we are providing you "One to One Discussion" (Video Conference), specifically and dedicatedly discussion for your space. 


Finally it begins with us:

We, human being, are the main culprit in damaging the image of mother nature and only we can make it correct to some extent. This is the high time to think about it. So, don't hesitate to contact us for this matter. Because end of the day, when our child will grow up and will not get fresh air to breath, they will blame us not the god. So, BE THE CHANGE AND INSPIRE OTHERS.