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Crafter Solutions provides detailed Architectural and Engineering Design services all-inclusive of specialized fields required to successfully Design and Construct any type of buildings.


We are also an art-studio focused in Textile Pattern Design and Surface Design.

At Crafter Solutions we also create pattern designs for textile industries, artistic purpose, fashion world and other surface designing purpose. We are one of the top choices for patterned textile producers, interior decorators, stationery developers, web designers, illustrators, sculptors, fine artists, and everyone who need patterns. We ensure unique designs and patterns as our designs are created totally from new ideas and not from the scratches.
We create Motifs and Patterns, Repeated Patterns, Plaids, Tartan, Gingham as per the needs of customers, after full consulting. Then our satisfied customers order the pattern or design and we deliver them the pattern or design as quickly as possible. Our fast delivery practice distinguish us from others in this designing sector.

We love our Designing Capabilities!

Our designing capabilities include: Symmetry, Counter-symmetry, Repeating, Illustrator objects, Elements, Symbols, Compound shapes, Blends, Raster images, Nested patterns, Harmonic growth designs, Guilloché patterns, Paisley, Ditisie and Calico design, Optical art. Our patterns are also compatible for swatch export.


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