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We Design Sustainable House and Buildings

Build responsibly and create spaces that benefit both people and the planet with comprehensive sustainable building design consultancy services from Craftertech Solutions Global Pvt. Ltd.

Design the Future with Sustainable Building Consultancy from Us

Today when the human being is trying to set up a new civilization in a new planet, it is very important that our development should not hamper the existence of our future generation. That is what exactly the word "Sustainability" means. Now, while you are constructing a building, you must be very sure that you are not overdrawing the natural resources, not putting the fate of your future generation at stake. Standing at this point, you need a "Green Building Designer" to design your dream home. Craftertech Solutions, is providing you a world class facility and team to help you in a green building design. 

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We guide you throughout the design process, ensuring your project is:

Environmentally friendly

We incorporate strategies to minimize energy and water consumption, reduce carbon footprint, and utilize sustainable materials.

Energy efficient

We optimize building form, orientation, and systems to decrease energy needs and reliance on fossil fuels.

Resource conscious

We prioritize the use of recycled, locally sourced, and low-impact materials throughout the construction process.

Healthy and comfortable

We create spaces that promote occupant health and well-being through natural daylight, improved air quality, and thermal comfort strategies.


We design with long-term sustainability in mind, leading to reduced energy bills and lower maintenance costs.

Our services include

Feasibility studies

Assess project suitability for sustainable design principles and identify potential environmental considerations.

Renewable energy solutions

Explore and integrate renewable energy sources like solar panels, geothermal systems, or wind power.

Green building certification support

Guide you through the process of achieving green building certifications like LEED or WELL.

Conceptual design & master planning

Integrate sustainability into the early stages of design, ensuring a holistic approach.

Water conservation strategies

Implement rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, and low-flow fixtures to minimize water usage.

Lifecycle Assessment Services (LAS)

In the context of sustainable building design we provide Lifetime Assessment Services.

Building envelope optimization

Design strategies to improve energy efficiency, including passive heating and cooling, and airtightness.

Material selection guidance

Advise on choosing sustainable materials with low environmental impact and high durability from our partner suppliers, using recycled/recyclable materials.

Building Carbon Footprint Reduction

We implement carbon neutral materials, technologies and methods for construction. 

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Apart from the above mentioned services we also provide the following specialized designing packaged services.

Methods and Technologies as Services


3D Modelling and Visualization

Building Information Modelling (BIM)



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