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Concrete Structural analysis is the process of calculating and determining the effects of loads and internal forces on a Concrete (RCC) structure, building or object. Concrete Structural Analysis is particularly important for structural engineers to ensure they completely understand the load paths and the impacts the loads have on their engineering design. 



Crafter Solutions provides a full range of structural engineering analysis services for both individual and corporate clients. Our network of professional engineers and drafting technicians are available for both small large-scale engineering projects, from schools and factories to wind turbines to private homes. We offer flexible services that are custom tailored to the specific needs of your project, whether you're looking to hire on long-term help or you are looking for an extra hand to meet a rush deadline. Analysis is a highly important phase in structural designing and drafting. An improperly analyzed structural design can lead to faulty construction. Our experienced analyzers dissect the smallest component of a structural design and give their valuable feedback based on which further modifications and alterations are done. Our team of experts can help you in averting possible risks and dangers to ensure that the final structure is erected faultless. Our experts are equipped with sound design skills and high technical expertise that they have accrued through extensive working experience. Our technical team is focused on safety, integration with the plant requirement and cost-effectiveness. We analyze the structural stability of systems, each members, and design connections, using advanced software tools and provide validated engineering solutions. Our team evaluates, selects and applies standard engineering methods, techniques, procedures, and criteria, while also using independent judgment in making adaptations and modifications. Structural analysis and design are carried out applying site specific wind and seismic data as per codes and standards. We also have the ability to redesign existing structures, if such need comes up due to equipment modification or relocation.

Our Specialty service:

  • Analysis (pre-design or post design) of structures made of various steel products of ArcelorMittal as per latest Euro Codes. 


Services we provide alongside analysis:

  • Design and Detailed Engineering

  • Structural Analysis

  • 3D Modeling


Other Concrete and Steel Structural services:

  • Bridge Design

  • Walkway, Ladder and Platform Design

  • Foundation Drawings

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